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We take pride in YOUR backyard!

We are a family owned and operated business with well over 200 collective years of experience in the industry.  While the employee turnover is regrettably high in the pool and spa industry, we are proud of the fact that most of our employees have been with us for 5 years or more, with several more than 20 years!

Brad Easter, the owner, founder, and president of Pools Plus, entered the pool industry more than 35 years ago as a licensed plumber.  Brad began with nothing more than a dream of a better way and the drive to take him there.  Pools Plus started with humble beginnings but soon found success as the Hutchinson community, and eventually the state of Kansas began to turn to Pools Plus for their pools, hot tubs, saunas, service work, and more ...  Brad's tender care for his customers and strong leadership eventually led to Pools Plus becoming the leading Pool & Spa retailer and builder for Hutchinson and the surrounding community.

Brad has since passed the mantle of management to his son Jake and now focuses primarily on in-ground pool construction.  This gives Pools Plus the edge in pool construction as Brad is well known for his professionalism and perfectionism in constructing your backyard dream.  He brings more than 35 years of experience to the table when making suggestions and explaining the process of construction.  With his leadership, Pools Plus will typically build an in-ground pool in a week or less from first dig to putting water in the pool.

Jake, with a degree in Business Management, brings a new level of managerial skill to the service side of Pools Plus. His customer service acumen and industry knowledge are second to none.

We are excited about your interest in Pools Plus, and look forward to building your next backyard dream.

Indeed, We take pride in YOUR backyard!

Brad and Jane Easter are the owners of Pools Plus Inc. and started the company back in 1988.  They have been married for well over 30 years and have three children, the last two of whom manages the store.

Brad is very involved with the community of Hutchinson and is well known by many all around the state of Kansas for his honesty and the excellent work his crew does.

Brad is involved in every in-ground pool build that Pools Plus does.  He thoroughly enjoys building new pools.

Customer Service Dept.

Jake, Sarah, Jess, and Chris are the people customers see most when they come into the store.  They are there to answer questions and assist in any way they can.

Jake, the only son, and Sarah, the middle child of Brad and Jane, manages the store and many aspects of the business for Brad and Jane.  Jake has a Business Degree in Management and Sarah was a long time teacher with the Hutch School District.  Jess has been with Pools Plus for well over 10 years and is the logistical administrator for the store.  Chris has fast become an integral part of keeping the business organized and running smoothly.

Pool Service Dept.

Bryan, Hernan and the guys are the Pool service technicians for Pools Plus.  Bryan is Husband to Sarah and was a long time Hutchinson Police Detective and LEO.  He now helps by leading the guys in ethical and hard working Service for your pool. Hernan has been with Pools Plus for over 20 years and is a quiet and reserved individual with a hard work ethic.  The rest of the guys help Bryan & Hernan keep your pool clean, operating, and fun!

Hot Tub Service Dept.

Richard and the guys are the Hot Tub service technicians for Pools Plus.  Richard has been with Pools Plus since nearly the beginning.  He enjoys a good conversation and can diagnose & repair nearly any issue regarding your hot tub.

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