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Q: What size and shape above ground pools are available?​

A: Seaspray® Pools have a wide range of above ground pools in both round and oval sizes. Choose the perfect fit for your backyard from one of four models - the Ponderosa GLX, Allure, Evolution CLX or the Matrix. Each model offers a variety of sizes. All Seaspray® pools have a consistent depth of 52-54 inches and hold anywhere from just over 5,000 gallons of water up to 27,500 gallons.


Splash® Pools also have a wide range of above ground pools available in both round and rectangle sizes. Choose the pool from our Splash® page that meets your particular sizing needs. Remember that all Splash® Pools will have a "ground encumbrance" that you will need to account for. Splash® Pools range in depth from 48 to 60 inches, with the TadPool being a mere 24 inches for your little guys. Splash® Pools can hold anywhere from about 3,000 to 28,000 gallons depending on the particular size application you need.


Be sure you choose the right pool for your application. While all Seaspray® and Splash® Pools will provide excellent results, some are not designed for particular applications. For example: the Ponderosa, Allure, and Evolution will not support salt water, while the Matrix is designed particularly with salt water applications in mind. Inform the professionals at Pools Plus of your particular situation and we will help you decide on a pool that meets as many of your needs as possible. ​


Q: How long will it take to install my above ground pool?

A: Your Seaspray® and Splash® Above Ground Pools are designed for fast installation. Once at your house, Pools Plus can have your pool up and ready for bathers in less than 2 days. If you are installing your own pool ... it simply depends on you. How many hands you have and your particular ability to read the directions are the most important factors in how quickly you can erect the pool.


Be sure you place your order as soon as possible. Our distributor often runs out of popular sizes as the pool season progresses leading to longer wait times as we wait for restocking. ​


Q: What kind of warranty is available for my Seaspray® or Splash® Above Ground Pool?

A: Pools Plus will provide you with additional details on the term and conditions.


Each Seaspray® Above Ground Pool comes with a pro-rated warranty for liners, components, and steel wall.

• Pool Liners for all models - 15 Year Prorated (1yr full)

• Ponderosa Steel Wall - 30 Year Prorated (1yr full) (NOT Warranted against salt water damage)

• Allure Steel Wall - 40 Year Prorated (2yrs full) (NOT Warranted against salt water damage)

• Evolution Steel Wall - 50 Year Prorated (3yrs full) (NOT Warranted against salt water damage)

• Matrix Steel Wall - 60 Year Prorated (5yrs full) (Warranted against salt water damage)


Each Splash SuperPool comes with a 20 year limited Warranty. The only exception is the TitanPool3, which comes with a 7 year limited Warranty.


​As with most warranties, the SeaSpray and Splash pro-rated and limited warranties do not cover neglect, misuse, abuse, improper use of chemicals, acts of nature, vandalism, terrorism, or faulty installation by the customer. SeaSpray, Splash, and Pools Plus will assume no responsibility for any accident, injury, or damages incurred by the use of the pool. The pool owner assumes all responsibility for ensuring the safety of anyone using the pool as well as securing the pool against accidental drowning or injury. The limit for these warranties extends ONLY to defects in the manufacturing process and damage to the pool due to NORMAL usage conditions. ​


Q: Are there any zoning laws I should be aware of when installing an above ground pool?

A: You should always check with your local governing bodies about regional zoning laws BEFORE installing your above ground pool. Some areas have specific building codes or permit requirements that may necessitate modifications to your installation plans. There are many laws and ordinances to be aware of and it is impossible to list every law and its application to every situation.


The most common laws and ordinances usually pertain to the distance a body of water must be from a power or gas line. Please go HERE to search for information regarding your particular situation or call the Office of the Secretary of Kansas at (785) 296-4564. ​


Q: Are there any special care requirements for my liner?

A: Keep sharp objects out of the pool and away from the bottom of the pool. Maintain proper pH levels and be sure only to use products recommended for your pool. The use of cheap products will often lead to expensive results. Be sure to ask the professionals at Pools Plus if the product you want to use can harm your pool.


Remember, Walmart is not a pool store and the use of chemicals bought from there often lead to poor, or even damaging, results. Purchase your pool care products from a pool store, not a department store!


Q: How often should I test the water in my above ground pool?

A: Testing your pool water two to three times each week is important to maintain adequate water balance and sanitizer levels. Pools Plus recommends testing often with an at-home test kit to find the free-chlorine and pH of your pool water, but there are many other important factors that an at-home test kit cannot test for. For this reason, we recommend bringing a small sample of your pool water to the store once per week. The professionals at Pools Plus will test for everything from pH to Salinity and give you free professional advice on what to do next. We at Pools Plus are so committed to perfect water in your pool that we offer both free advice AND free professional-grade water testing. "We take pride in YOUR backyard!"


Q: Why should I test my pool water?

A: Frequent water testing is conducted to ensure swimmer comfort and prevent damage to your pool. When you test the water, you are looking at several ranges including free and total chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, metals (copper and iron), salinity and many other ranges. Pools Plus offers free in-store water testing and professional advice for maintaining your pool. ​


Q: What should I do about discolored water? Surface problems? Algae growth?

A: Pools Plus is available 6 days a week to provide answers to those tough problems. Pool care is not as simple as just following a "pool-care" guide; water chemistry can be complicated and often difficult to understand. There are many different "solutions" to a particular pool-care issue, but not every solution will provide the best results.


​For example; shocking an algae bloom with HTH brand shock will eventually kill the bloom, but you will be left with a new problem in its wake ... a cloud of calcium carbonate floating around the bottom of your pool, staining your liner and stinging the eyes of anyone entering the pool; not to mention all the phosphates left behind that will eventually lead to another algae bloom!​


Pools Plus is so dedicated to providing you with the best solution to fit your particular pool problem that we offer free in-store water testing and professional advice. We understand how water chemistry and other factors can affect your pool and any corresponding treatments, and we don't want you to suffer a problematic pool because of often poorly written and impersonal online guides.


Q: How do I close my pool for the winter and re-open in the summer?

A: Preparing your pool for the colder months is simple and fast, and it makes for a smooth restart in the spring. For details on closing your pool and re-opening it, as well as keeping it open during the winter months, contact us at Pools Plus and we will be happy to assist you in the hard questions. ​


Q: How do I drain my above ground pool for the end of the season?

A: There are a variety of methods available to prepare a pool for winter. We are available 6 days a week to help you, or to perform the winterization procedure for you. Please call for more information regarding your particular pool situation.


Q: What do I need to do to prepare for my above ground pool?

A: Pools Plus will provide you with all the information you need to prepare the ground for your new above ground pool. If we are doing the installation, often all you will need to do is clear the area of toys and equipment; Pools Plus will do the rest.


Q: Can my above ground pool be kept open all year round?

A: Generally, keeping an above ground pool open during the winter is ill-advised. Unless you happen to have your pool indoors, the pool will develop ice and become a hazard to anyone that swims or falls in. Plus, who wants to swim in 40°F and below!? Hypothermia isn't the most pleasant experience...


Although, if you do wish to keep your pool open year-round; depending on your region, you may be able to keep your pool open 365 days a year. Check with your local governing body for specific details on your area as some may prohibit it.


Q: Is my pool susceptible to sun damage?

A: Your Seaspray® or Splash® pool is constructed of the most durable materials available to the above ground pool industry. Sturdy construction, high quality coatings and the 100-percent virgin vinyl liner are all designed to withstand the elements. Also, with a 7-20 year limited warranty for Splash® Pools and a 30-60 year pro-rated warranty for SeaSpray® Pools, depending on the pool you choose, your pool will often be the last you own. The most common item to wear out is the liner of the pool and the pump/sand filter equipment. Every pool has items that wear out eventually and we are proud that Seaspray™ and Splash® are American Made products made with the best products available to the Above-Ground pool industry!


Q: Where is my pool manufactured?

A: Pools Plus is dedicated to manufacturers in the United States. All of Pools Plus' Above Ground/In Ground Pools, Spas, Grills, and Fire pits are made here in the USA. We take pride in being able to offer a product line that supports both American jobs and American ideals.

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